Sustainable holidays in Sardinia

Sustainable holidays in Sardinia · 26. febbraio 2024
More and more tourists choose to spend their whole journey, or a part of it, without a car. But how and why? In this article we will try to give you all the tips and the suggestion. So, let's go... How? From the airport of Cagliari take the train to the bus station of Cagliari ( ARST). Once here, catch the bus 129 that connects Cagliari to Pula. The distance is about 35km and it takes about 1 hour. The bus offers a comfortable ride in air-conditioned buses. You can relax and enjoy the views....

Dove Siamo

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Emanuela (Italiano, Francese, Inglese) +39 342 02 76 293

Angela (Italiano e inglese)

+ 39 346 21 93 220

Via Manno, 9  - 09010 Pula


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