B&B 1987

The art of welcoming

Elegance and armony for your holiday in Sardinia

Our history

Ours is a family home built by our parents in the 80s. 1987 is the year in which we came to live there.
Our names are Emanuela and Angela, we are two sisters and, when we moved, we were 11 and 8 years old respectively.

Among these rooms we lived our childhood and adolescence to become young women.
Become adults, we followed our paths, we both started a family and today we find ourselves together in this beautiful project.

The house

The B&B is located on the ground floor of a villa on two floors. The access is through a lovely garden and a cozy patio decorated with dozens of plants expertly cared for by our mother Laura. A cool and pleasant space to have breakfast, sip an aperitif or simply read a good book. Inside is the dining room where the breakfast buffet is set up. At the center of the room is an old convivial table that our grandmother used to make fresh pasta

The furniture

 We have always felt that the furniture in our house was a bit outdated and sad. At the same time we realized the value, above all affective, which they represent for our parents but also for us. We therefore opted for a risky choice and decided to keep them but ... with some small and original precautions. Moral of the story, we recycled practically everything and nothing went to end in a dark and sad cellar! W the Home Staging and W the ecology!

Be our guest



1987 B&B is born from the generosity and love of a father and a mother who always attentive to the needs of their daughters decide to give them the great home in which they lived from 1987 to today.

This is how Emanuela and Angela develop the idea of giving the possibility to this large house to welcome, together with them, those who want to find a warm and welcoming place, comfortable and closes, but where one has the feeling of being at home.

Dove Siamo

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Emanuela (Italiano, Francese, Inglese) +39 342 02 76 293

Angela (Italiano e inglese)

+ 39 346 21 93 220

Via Manno, 9  - 09010 Pula


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