Slow holiday in Pula, Southern Sardinia

Have you ever considered spending a week or more in a single location?


Pula for example, is the ideal place for long stays. Its central location allows you to reach the most important tourist attractions of southern Sardinia in a maximum of one hour, such as the beaches of Chia and Teulada, Cagliari, Barumini or the mining coast.

The territory of Pula is very vast and includes around 20 kilometers of coast and mountains rich in fauna and flora.

Furthermore, just 1500 m from the centre, we find Nora, one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia where the only example of a Roman theater on the whole island is located.

The historic center is lively and welcoming at the same time, with shops, restaurants, pizzerias and ice cream parlors, open every day until late in the evening.


While the allure of hopping from one destination to another can be tempting, there are numerous reasons to choose a single destination and dive deep.

  • Spending a long period of time in one place allows you to explore and truly discover all it has to offer.
  • You can delve into the local culture, taste authentic cuisine and interact with the locals, taking the time to build connections and understand the local lifestyle can provide a unique and enriching travel experience.
  • Instead of rushing from location to location, you can take your time to explore lesser-known spots, visit local markets, and come across charming cafes or shops that aren't on the typical tourist trail. This way you get an authentic and immersive experience that truly represents the essence of the destination.
  • Additionally, spending a week or more in the same destination allows you to establish a routine and truly relax into the local lifestyle.
  • Another advantage is the possibility of taking day trips to nearby attractions or exploring the surrounding region. As previously mentioned, Pula is located in a strategic position and offers the possibility of reaching numerous destinations in southern Sardinia
  • Finally, staying in the same destination for a week or more saves you the hassle of constantly packing and unpacking, checking in and out of hotels, and dealing with the stress of the logistics of frequent travel.
  • It allows you to settle in and truly feel at home, providing a sense of familiarity and comfort during your stay.


Last but not least, remember that we have a special offer dedicated to long stays.


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