A fresh good morning

Welcome to our dining room with its elegant and original buffet.


Enjoy your breakfast with fresh products, strictly at Km 0 and, when the harvest allows it, picked directly from our garden. Depending on the season you can accommodate in the patio overlooking a small garden full of plants and flowers, or in the warm and welcoming dining room.
Only for you we will use splendid tea and coffee services that our mother has kept in the closets for over 40 years!
A real experience not to be missed! The morning is also the ideal time to ask us for information on itineraries, events or other activities to discover in the surrounding area, we will be happy to tell you about our territory and all the fantastic offers it offers.
If you need to book a restaurant, a taxi, or simply an excursion, we are at your disposal.


Don't miss this experience

Dove Siamo

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Emanuela (Italiano, Francese, Inglese) +39 342 02 76 293

Angela (Italiano e inglese)

+ 39 346 21 93 220

Via Manno, 9  - 09010 Pula


Prenotando direttamente con noi puoi approfittare di tutte le nostre offerte speciali e avere un contatto diretto e personalizzato!